Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a NEW DAY for Queen Ginger!

Today begins a NEW JOURNEY for Queen Ginger Grant... a journey of respect for her FABULOUS body, respect for the miracles of physiology, and respect for the limitations that progressing age places on our mortal systems!

"Miss" Ginger weighs in at a whopping 235 lbs, with a blood pressure reading of 140/80... this is with 3 blood pressure medications in her daily pile of pills.

Her doctor has told her if she does not reduce her BP to 120/80 "yesterday" she will endure irreversable damage to her arteries that will result in a devastating stroke.

Queen Ginger is not scared to die from a stroke.  If the good Lord called for her tomorrow, she would go willingly into the fold to live her hereafter, knowing that she has fulfilled her purpose on Earth with dignity and joy! She's not scared to die of a stroke-  it's the thought of surviving one that has prompted her to begin this journey, and this blog to work with others to explore the world of eating without salt!  If Queen Ginger were incapacited by stroke, there's no one to care for her. She would become a ward fo the state. God knows what attrocities she would be forced to endure in the hands of the State of Texas and its world reknowned welfare system!!

But Queen Ginger won't have to suffer all of those indignities, because we are going to work through this together! As Queen Ginger denounces her "Top Chef" foodie lifestyle,  we will explore low salt, low sodium options for healthier, better eating on a sustainable basis!

By sharing links, recipes, resources, and inspiration,  Queen Ginger hopes to make her life better... but why stop there?  By sharing what she learns, and through networking and interaction, she hopes to make life better for many others, as well?

Who's with her?

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  1. Sounds like a good plan, I know we are trying to reduce our intake of all things bad.